Word from Rio on the Olympics

Rio de Janeiro was always, to me, a bustling, hustling city in love with their samba music and Carnaval. That was when the crowds turned out to celebrate with drums and sinuous, half-nude women for three days and nights. Renato and I mostly watched all of it on TV.

My friend Ana reports from Rio that the mayor has lost his mind while trying to prepare for the Olympics. He ordered all feral cats rounded up and killed, at the same time making ineffectual dabs at cleaning up the trash-filled surf at Copacabana Beach. Inflation has topped 200%; the poor, who lived on rice and beans, now eat only rice. Their president, Dilma Rousseff, has been impeached.

And now, Zika. Their mosquitos already transmitted Chagas disease, especially to animals.

I am so sorry, sorry, sorry.


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