The Crocodile House

Our little villa in Rio de Janeiro had a large wooden siding atop the front porch shaped like a crocodile — known to the neighborhood as “Casa de jacaré” — and I have no idea whose idea it was to put it up. But Renato and I enjoyed the semi-fame it brought us. But it is gone now, gone with the rest of the building and reduced to flinders. In its place is a multistory apartment building.

There was a marble staircase with a long, slithery carving of a python which served as the bannister. Brazil has a lot of wood, yes indeed. And overhanging the divide between living room and dining room was an intricate carving featuring more snakes. Snake-y theme, but home to us.

The parquet floor was exquisite, laid out in a fancy pattern in different shades of wood.

All of it gone.


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