Cat STILL in closet

It looks as though the closet is going to be her permanent hiding place. She does come out when I call, but I get that I have to have a strong reason to do so, such as mealtimes. I had been wondering where she would go whenever the housekeeper came but yesterday there was no doubt for Loaner. She retreated to the closet.

There are plenty of pets in the building, all under 30 lbs in weight, as the rule allows. There is one tiny French poodle named Pierre, who frisks about in the hall while waiting, with his very tall hooman, for the elevator. Another hooman has a little carriage for her dog who has arthritis. They go outside with the dog riding in the carriage.

These are the poignant sights that one encounters in this building; not least, the fact that Loaner has lost the sight in her right eye and is 14 years old.


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