Editor’s Choice

I had completed writing the book and went about placing it with a publisher. After about three months of sending it around I hit at last, at Marron in NYC. The said the story charmed them, the heroine most sympatica — I hurried ahead of their letter and found the inevitable disclaimers. It seemed they wanted Cole to be African-Brazilian and Linden to be African-American, and they would consider publication on receipt of the modifications.

It wasn’t that simple. One cannot simply change the racial make-up of characters in a book with strokes of the keyboard. There is family to consider, life’s experiences, thoughts, insights and all the mental array that goes into building a person.

Well, I attacked the task, burying my head and being aware that Renato was feeding me between morning and dusk. Anxiously he brought me cooling drinks. My computer called it quits and we bought another one. Finally, finally, I was done. I packed the manuscript off and waited. The answer did not require much time to reach me. Marron Publishing had gone out of business.


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