Bijou, a cat to reckon with

He was a character, that one. Our tussles of will power always came around curfew, when he would emerge (sometimes) from the brush around the neighbor’s downhill fence. He knew my call, all right, and success depended on how willful he was behaving.

He would flop and wiggle, as much as saying “I don’t wanna go in!” get up and walk a few more steps, then flop again. I let him repeat this routine until I felt there were no more flop/wiggles in store and he would bolt back through the fence. Then I gathered him up and bore him to the patio door where he made one final attempt to wiggle free of my arms.

Once inside, he went to check in with big sister Loaner, visit his food bowl, watch his show NatGeoWild and at night come to settle under my chin with mighty purrings.

How I miss him.


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