The bull of it all

Ana, she of the dozens of throwaway cats in her apartment, sends me a petition to stop the vaquejada, an event in Brazil which involves tormenting a bull in the ring.
Two men mounted on horses chase a bull around and around, corner it between them, pull its tail, send it tumbling, and supposedly ride off in triumph.

This “sport” has been banished but is in danger of being revived. People like Ana are distraught over the prospect, and I at a distance cannot find the words to express my dismay.

Why are humans so prone to cruelty? Why do they burn, slash and stone innocent animals? I signed another petition decrying the killing of a three-month-old kitten by a drunken woman. She stomped it to death. Some people are born wrong-headed but it doesn’t take much to turn them even if they are not born with the ugly¬†traits. Take the children who are now taunting Latino classmates with chants of “Build the wall!” Will that behavior improve as they grow up? I fear the opposite.


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