Jeep Cherokee

And so I drive, always conscious of cars in the next lane and expecting to scrape them at any time. It isn’t that the vehicle is so much wider than my own car but sitting high with a narrowed scope of vision (the side mirrors obscure traffic) and the rear window is smaller makes me paranoid. In parking garages I swing so wide around parked bumpers that I almost hit cars on the opposite side.

This garage where I now live has enormous posts which presumably hold up the building and they too present a challenge as I maneuver between them and other cars parked in their slots.

The auto body shop where my own car is being repaired will be calling me anytime soon to pick it up. Not too soon for me.

But I manage the windshield wipers, yes I can. I have mastered them from lo to high, along with the radio. The other buttons and dials remain virgin intact, unmissed by your intrepid driver.


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