There’s a dog I know on the hiking trail at Montclair who has an interesting story. His owner told me that he (the dog) found a crow’s nest one day and ate the eggs. Next day, and for weeks afterward a flurry of crows dive bombed and attacked the dog. Crows are among the most intelligent birds, as the poor dog found out.

And this: I watched a DVD of a stage production of Oklahoma recently starring Hugh Jackman as Curly. It was a British production and I was astounded at Jackman’s singing voice. Most of you might know he can sing but all I have known about him was his few acting roles where he didn’t sing and lately as Wolverine with the blades in his knuckles. It was the most stupendous performance by the entire cast. Their cornpone accents were so thick you had to marvel. Kudos to the British actors!


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