The Paramount Theater

A group of us at Lake Park retirement community went for a tour of venerable Paramount Theater on Broadway, Oakland.
What a feast of art and detailing. The electric lighting bill alone costs $350 an hour. There was a bronze statue of Diana with gazelles by Marcel Andre Bouraine in the foyer. It sits on an inlaid table of Madagascar wood with carvings down to the scallop shell at the feet.

The architect, Timothy Flueger, did most of his work between 1918 and 1935 in the Depression years. It took one year to build it — so many men were out of jobs and worked around the clock. The Paramount hosts public events like high school graduations, naturalization ceremonies for immigrants, the Oakland Symphony, a classic film series, and a Vanna to spin the wheel. A series of six tickets costs $450.

The side walls are a series of panels of Isis, each one slightly different carved in wood and golden with gold.

There’s much, much more in this fantastic work of art.


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