Pinky the human cat

I miss her so much. I had never known a cat like her. She invented games and led me to play them with her. One was our hedge game, where she would go to one side of it and I on the other. I leaned over the hedge and made menacing noises and she would glare at me and race off across the lawn. My cue was to chase her but had to stop to unlatch the side gate, which was no obstacle to her as she squeezed under it. And on the other side she would Wait for me to resume our chase, which always ended on the driveway as she flopped on her back for me to tickle her belly.

It was a game we played perhaps three times a day. I marveled at how she pretended to be outraged at my gobbling noises before she took off running.
Our games were usually played on the lawn. One day she walked away from me and disappeared around the hedge, leaving me to wonder. In the next instant she returned and raced around me in circles while I laughed.

We had visits of deer on the other side of the chainlink fence and when they came Pinky and I stood carefully motionless to watch them. I don’t think it would have mattered to the doe and her fawn if Pinky had walked close to them but nevertheless she understood we were not to spook the mother and fawn.
She rests in my heart and if there is a heaven for cats I can see her playing games with other cats. Perhaps I will be allowed to join her.


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