Rainy day pussycat

From “Meow’s Way Redux”:

A rainy day is always special for Pinky. I know, before I even see her, that she is sitting at the front door asking to go out to watch the rain. Once outside, she bundles herself up on the doormat and stares out at the wetness five feet away. Every hour or so I open the door to ask if she wants to come in. After about three hours she will finally, slowly, rise and stre-e-e-etch, give the mat a scratching workout then amble inside. All is peace.
Her other favorite place is a nest she has made of my shawl on the second shelf of the closet in my workroom. Sometimes I cross to her and lay my head against her warm body and moan about words or the story line that won’t come clear, and I may receive a sympathetic lick of her tongue on my face


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