Heartwarming stories of cats and dogs

I heard two stories that made me glow.

A resident here at Lake Park told of a feral cat who gave birth to four kittens then went and got herself hit by a car. The resident then had to buy formula and an eyedropper to feed the little ones. She had a half-grown kitten herself and this kitten got into the box and nurtured the babies and cuddled with them.

And a Facebook friend told of something similar. Her cat had five babies and whenever mama cat took a break her dog would get into bed with the kittens and lick and clean them.



The Warriors

I had a grandstand view of the Warriors parade yesterday from the patio at Lake Park. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant were there on top of the the bus but the best was a miniature horse, no more than four feet tall, pulling two people in a cart. I wanted to get down and help that little horse haul his load.

And there was a sign posted on our elevators, a message from the Oakland PD prohibiting viewing from the roof for fear of snipers. Snipers!

Pinky the human cat

Excerpt from “Meow’s Way Redux”:

Our lap time is also game time. While she lies face up, I jig her legs chanting a tune accompanied by rumbling purrs. Between belly rubs I attempt to catch her right paw but she always pulls it away; it has become part of our play. She lets me keep the left one. When she shifts her head to the side onto my knee, it is my cue to administer a flurry of strokes and go zum zum zum! After this she shakes her head as if to clear it. In a few minutes she is ready to go again.

We are convivial at mealtimes as well, sharing chardonnay which she laps from my fingers. She likes champagne even better. I do not often drink merlot but she does not care for it, anyway.

Needless to say, the TV news remains ignored during this session.

She’s back!

The vet couldn’t find anything wrong with her except this significant fact, that her heart murmur is in stage 3. Just as a precaution he gave her an antibiotic shot. He also gave her fluids and an appetite stimulant.

Her heart murmur….I think she was just tired. My little girl is 15 years old now. I expect she might break my heart in the not distant future.