My homecomings are another specialty of Pinky’s. She welcomes me with extravagant flops and wiggles – four flops expressing the utmost happiness. Well, I get happy, too. My nephew’s family have taken to teasing me for my early departures from their home because I need to get back to Pinky.

Cleveland Amory, the animal activist who founded Fund for Animals and a sanctuary for abused animals in Texas named Black Beauty, notes that the cat brain of all animals is most like that of the human, except for speech and memory. It seems to me that memory reposes in a cat’s olfactory sense. As for speech, Pinky and I have no difficulty communicating. Once, when exasperated with my slowness, she gave me a gentle nip on the hand to help me along. She manages our traffic by sitting and leaning in the direction she wants us to go. If we are near the lemon tree she angles toward the city land outside our chain-link fence.


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