Tall Grass

“Redux” continued:
The city is usually late in cutting the growth there. This suits her fine, for she loves to plunge into the tall stuff and disappear. We do not need a common language — a beaming glance back at me saying Come on in! urges me in with her, though certainly I do not disappear in the tall growth as she does.
One day in a hot July she had us go down there while I tried to tell her the grass had been cut, but was helpless to stop her as she proceeded to the fence and saw – nothing. Again, no common speech needed. I felt acutely her disappointment as she sat there looking.
But she has other favorite places. I know where to find her and her siblings Tango and Loaner at the overgrown bottom of the yard near a neighbor’s fence. There is a bare patch in the shade that is made for Pinky and me. I will lie there and in seconds she joins me, stretches out and goes to sleep. I do not sleep but watch her, and she always wakes and raises her head when I must leave. I hear her cat thought, Oh…..

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