Yahoo and whale slaughter

In its September/October issue of Allanimals the Humane Society of the United States reports that Yahoo Japan advertises thousands of ivory products and hundreds of other products derived from dolphins and whales. I am quoting directly from their article. Yahoo Inc. could stop this but the response has been disappointing. Their deaf ear is resounding. We are urged to send a letter, sign a petition, spread the word about Yahoo Japan.

And there’s this fact: whale and dolphin meat is unhealthy, containing mercury 16 times above the Japanese allowable limit for consumption.

Now, the enlightened ones: Google, eBay, Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven and Gorton’s have ordered their Japanese subsidiaries to stop selling and advertising whale meat.

The earth’s natural resources┬árest in the hands of individuals and their representative organizations. I feel so strongly about the methodical destruction of our animals I wish I could be a one-woman army to protect them. I care. I care so much.


Elephants, Tigers, Rhinos, and Bears

I posted this rant elsewhere and am adding it here because of recent media reports:

The continued depredations on these hapless animals drive me mad. I can almost understand — no, actually, I do — the need of poachers to make a living, but the final recipients of those bloody spoils should have their teeth and bile extracted as well as their hands chopped off for trophies. My mother’s people the Chinese have exceeded their hellish materialistic graspings of the fruits of their new wealth to new depths.

When the commies marched into Shanghai, where I lived as a young teen, “capitalists” and landlords began jumping off high buildings. It was that, or arrest and torture. But no one mentions the irony of the billionaires who are as noxious as the old-time ones were not.

Yet world economics demand that we trade; we are linked, knotted together in mutual need and mistrust until the air we breathe has finally poisoned every single human being, rich or poor.