Why they voted for Trump

At lunch with a woman recently, our conversation acted like a lightning bolt in my brain. I learned why evangelical Christians voted for Trump.

A progressive Jew, the woman told me that her son had converted to Christianity and not only that, but as an evangelical Christian. Her son told her that, as such, the candidate for the presidency might well be Micky Mouse as long as he was Republican. Evangelical Christians are against abortion. Period.

Not only that, they hate the LGBTQ culture and look to the Republican party to suppress it. Which they have done. And some of Planned Parenthood’s facilities have been closed.

Trump may indulge his idiocies as much as he wants; he is just a figurehead for the party.


Carly Fiorina said What?

Why on earth she has thrown her hat in the ring again is beyond me, although I am bemused at the further splitting of votes for the widening field of GOP presidential candidates. At this rate, each might receive 10,000 votes. Just kidding. But that is the gist of what may happen.

I am taking exception to Fiorina’s comment that she is against the right to abortion. She is saying that no one should have the right to choose, that a 15-year-old child should carry her pregnancy to term and find herself unable to care for the baby, and to hand it over to her parents (if they were around) or give it up for adoption — if that were available.

Life is precious, she implies. Well, yes, even if the unwanted baby must join others of its kindred neglected or inadequately nurtured for lack of time and resources. Imagine its future in this beleaguered society.

At least she is in accord with Pope Francis who also is against abortion. Again, no one speaks of expanding access to contraception, which at least Fiorina could do if not the Pope. Then she might be making sense in her campaign.