Bringing up Mojo

Or something….┬áHis biting is letting up, I think. That is, a whole day has gone by when he hasn’t tried to burrow under the covers to reach my fugitive hands. By some miracle he has stopped attacking my ankles. But then he has transferred his attention to the blinds’ pull cords. My friend and colleague at the California Writers Club was telling me of a cat she adopted. Trouble was, she has bead curtains, or perhaps I should put that this way: She had bead curtains.

But when he is being good, there is no angel who can compare. We have a favorite cuddle position; the curve of my arm does very nicely to hold him while his eyes squinch shut in bliss, purrs fill my ears, all four legs straight up in the air and snowy belly exposed in trust. Of course, he now weighs as much as Pinky did and I must rest my elbow on the table to support his weight. And often, as with Pinky, I must sweep under the furniture to retrieve his toys. Favorites are George the turtle and a purple puff ball, which he carries in his mouth around the house. I have had my cell camera at the ready to catch this epic shot, but whenever I point it at him he drops the puff ball and looks inquiringly at me.

Sadly, all this business with Mojo is affecting Loaner’s interactions with me. She is not jealous as far as I can see, but we both seem to be distracted by the little one’s gallops up and around the place, his swipes at blinds, slippers, the catch pan under the fridge, his zips out and back through the cat door, the lampshade by my bed, the odd piece of paper taken from my desk. When Loaner has had enough, she shuts her eyes tight and tries to nap, leaving me to grapple with the newspaper I am trying to read before Mojo has shredded all of it.

(A word here about Pinky, a tortoiseshell cat who charmed my life for five years before she left me. “Meow’s Way” is mostly about her and how she pursued me until she moved into my home)

I have appealed to Renato about the biting and I believe he has issued a restraining order to the kitten. One whole day without the biting….